What is IVM Online?

A web-based animal health laboratory network system in Indonesia that manages antigenic and genetic data of the circulating HPAI viruses in Indonesia. The system represents the first coordinated effort of its kind for monitoring of influenza in animals at a national level and underpinned by OFFLU recommendations. The implementation of IVM Online aims to: 1) Identify potential virus variants; 2) Identify and determine the strain for challenge virus, and 3) Monitor the efficacy of the vaccines used. Using the IVM Online system several benefits can be achieved rapidly such as faster antigenic and genetic characterization results to allow decision making for production of the challenge and a vaccine strain that matches the type of HPAI in circulation and update the molecular diagnostic method (PCR) for Type A and H5N1.

To ensure the sustainability and continuation of IVM Online, an Influenza Virus Monitoring (IVM) Team determined by the Director General of Livestock and Animal Health Services has been issued in May 2014 with the reference No: 268 /Kpts/OT.160/F/05/2014. There is much scope for building on the achievement of establishing the IVM network and expanding the functionality of the IVM Online application. For example, the network might be expanded to cover more influenza viruses than avian H5N1 such as H7N9, H7N7 and the network might enlarge to encompass more laboratories, including university and public health laboratories. An important incentive for all these laboratories being willing to share their data is gaining access to the advanced bioinformatics tools and analyses that IVM Online provides.

Members of IVM Online network

The members of the IVM Online network are 8 diagnostic laboratories (DIC), BBPMSOH, PUSVETMA and BBLITVET. DIC Wates has been chosen as the focal point to control the activities of IVM Online. Approximately 40 technical staff is engaged long term under the influenza virus monitoring network. These staffs attend regular network meetings and receive refresher training and reagents.

Main features of IVM Online

Within the IVM Online, there are many features that are useful to map out the HPAI virus situation in Indonesia. The main features are:

Isolate Module

Main article: Isolate Module

Focus on managing sample data, quantity & quality statistic of samples.

Antigenic Module

Main article: Antigenic Module

This module handles the creation of Antigenic Characteristic Testing that in the end will produce an Antigenic Cartography chart.

Genetic Module

Main article: Genetic Module

A Module that responsible for managing sequence data either from file upload or retrieve from GenBank. This module also handles grouping of sequences to create phylogenetic tree of the sequences.

Surveillance Module

Main article: Surveillance Module

Surveillance module is a geographic mapping module that show users the map of outbreaks data and sample data that is retrieved form iSIKHNAS via API call to the iSIKHNAS system.

Reporting Module

Main article: Reporting Module

This module can produce a few combination of reporting for each module above.

Training Module

Main article: Training Module

Training module helps new or returning user to learn about how to use IVM Online.

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